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Thanks for going deeper into the ALGO-RIDDIM.

Check out the videos to learn the origin story of this project and more. 

You can also sample the album with our snippet playlist below. 

Thoughts on the project

Verse 3

Check the seed I plant

For motivation

Used the Underground Railroad stations 

All across the nation

Started down in my hometown 

Drew a hunnit mile radius 

That go round

And I found 

They counted two 

In chilltown JC 

One there in Greenville 

One close to me

That’s the Hilton Holden house

John and Thomas Vree

Now I’m running to New York

Just to see what I see

Now I’m twenty miles in

Better breath control

Hitting these goals

Let’s roll

I’m hard to hold

Like I’m neva getting sold…


-Nyugen E. Smith

ALGO-RIDDIM: A Bundle House Sonic Relief Pack


Origin story
"Babylon" video teaser
Some insight on the album
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Enjoy a snippet of selected tracks from the album.
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